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In the middle of the 16th century Gilles de Gouberville kept a journal of his life as a country squire in Northern Cotentin, centered on a manor located a few miles south of Cherbourg in Normandy. As far as we know, this diary, not written by a courtesan, nor a city sophisticate, is a unique witness of early modern history Europe.

In this website, you will find the answers to questions on the Goubervillean world as well as a brief presentation of various aspects of Gilles de Gouberville’s Journal : social, cultural, economic, historical, linguistic, medical but also personal. 

The quotations from the Journal all come from the Beaurepaire and Blangy editions. In French, a modern translation is proposed along with the necessary explanations (in brackets) for a better understanding of the text. This will be followed by a modern English translation.

All translations by Maria Hennequin.

The Comité Gilles de Gouberville published in early 2021 a revised edition of the Journal as well as an online edition, mainly meant for scholars.

Our non-profit society – Le Comité Gilles de Gouberville –  is dedicated to Gilles de Gouberville. Every year we organise  a lecture on a Goubervillean theme and a field trip.

With @gouberville you can receive a daily tweet with Gilles’ journal entry of the same date in 1555/1556.

You are welcome to contact us, to leave us comments using the button below, and to browse our website in French.

Your contributions are welcome.

Cherbourg eu XVIè siècle
Couverture Réédition Journal Goubervil
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